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Women swimwear

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   Two-piece swimsuits

Two formula refers to a separate suit jacket and pants, a bikini and a general two-head, also known as three-bikini-style, which is characterized by the use of materials is very small. Undeniably, bikini swimsuit is the most attractive look, and if women have a remarkable figure and absolute confidence, this style of swimsuit can be a first choice.
A formula
A swimsuit has straps and cartridge-style, as well as Chinese-style stand collar design. If the upper body shoulder strap vest swimsuit very traditional, were the most popular style. In fact, although the ordinary strap style swimsuit, but through strap changes, you can still find a particular point, as in previous years on the popular abroad over shoulder a head. Another deep open wound in the chest and swimsuit designs on the narrow width of the body is the best modification. Moreover, in a circle bust line plus a unique modification, you can make more perfect shape.
Drum seems to be rather chic swimwear, clothing and body of its tubular shape, with straps, and some strap is removable. This swimsuit can reduce the chest and buttocks transparency, high cut leg line the bottom edge can appear longer.
Three-piece style
Three-piece swimsuit is a bikini and a jacket, so it was easier to wear, when to wear a bikini water after landing in your coat so you can cover the fat, more women wear beautiful body.

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