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Separately or solar disinfection panty cleaning five tips

Source:           Author: Guangzhou Yonggong Textiles Co.,Ltd

Women in the process of replacing clean underwear should pay attention to details? Xiaobian collecting compiled a few and see if you have not noticed it?

1, underwear need wash every day, get rid of bad habits accumulate

Many women need to balance work and family, too late to wash underwear every day, many people choose to accumulate up bathroom, wait until the weekend when washed together. This practice has accumulated a lot of underwear health risks, underwear secretions at room temperature will continue to grow bacteria, a long time more difficult to clean. Although you replace the new underwear every day, but not necessarily your underwear clean. Therefore, the proposed change of underwear every day, do not develop bad habits accumulate.

2, wash underwear separately separately

Some women used to be down for a day's underwear, socks, Qiu Yi and other mixed use washing machine, underwear should definitely be washed separately. People's feet can breed fungi and other bacteria, socks and underwear if shuffled together, can be contaminated with mold to the undergarment. In addition, family members have separate washing underwear, do not mix wash. Underwear is best to hand wash clean, can increase the friction density, which will help local cleaning, so as to be washed more clean underwear.

3, what to wash underwear

As you know, a woman's private parts is a weak acid environment, cleaning supplies are generally alkaline, so we do not want to choose too alkaline cleaning capacity is relatively good cleaning agents, such as soap, or have the ability sterilizing soap.

It is best also to prepare a special cleaning utensils. In addition, many girls in order to wash personal clothing, tend to use too much detergent, but causing residues, cause skin allergies.

4 What needs to hand wash underwear

Some women tend to rush when washing underwear rubbing two, sometimes even soaps do not hit. In this regard, experts believe, underwear or wash with soap, two common gynecological pathogens - mold and trichomoniasis can be soap alkaline environment kill. Use plain soap can play this effect, there is no need to specifically use the "underwear cleaning fluid" cleansing. For the scrub of the time, Li Chu believes that it is best to lay the soap after carefully knead 3-5 minutes to allow full access to bacteria and soap.

After rubbing, must be thoroughly rinsed in flowing water, the soap bubble thoroughly. The vagina is acidic environment, acidic secretions, and soap is alkaline, acid cleaning the contact form salts, if not promptly rinse, then a long time, will be stiff underwear is not conducive to health.

5, the sun consumer disinfection

Underwear drying is also critical, wash the underwear must be in the sun to dry, UV can kill germs above, very healthy. If it is vain sun drying, then certainly not on a wet bathroom dry, it should be hung on the balcony ventilated place to dry naturally. If you still embarrassed to let the small pants sun, it is necessary to use the tumble dryer to completely dry the little pants. Clean and fresh little panties that he will be comfortable to wear.

In addition, says underwear disinfection, for people with mold or trichomonas vaginitis women, underwear washed, blanched in boiling water to be placed in a hot, or directly to cook a cook, so can thoroughly remove bacteria.

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