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Bamboo fiber fabric

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Bamboo fiber fabric is made ​​by a special process for the raw materials of bamboo fibers, textiles made ​​of new fabrics. soft warmth, antibacterial antibacterial, moisture permeability, UV, natural health, comfortable and beautiful features.
Bamboo fiber is manufactured using proprietary technology, bamboo as raw material, special high-tech treatment process, the cellulose in bamboo extract, and then by manufacturing plastic, spinning and other processes generated manufactured regenerated cellulose fiber.
Bamboo fiber fabric contains a number of natural properties of bamboo fiber, knitted on the application is quite extensive, towels, bathrobes, underwear, T-shirts and a series of products.
There are thin jersey, mesh, etc., there is a thick flannel, terry cloth, cotton, waffle and more. Ningbo Kwong Yuen Textile Co., Ltd. in the traditional fiber and new fiber knitted fabrics sector pioneers, developed a series of bamboo and bamboo fiber products.

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