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Shipping method

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USP Express:  Relatively fast, reliable and economical. Very good option for expensive packages because insurance is cheaper than on Priority Mail. Size limitations depending on country. Maximum length is usually 36″ (some countries allow 60″). Length + (2 x width) + (2 x height) less than 79 inches (some countries allow less than 108 inches). 
However, our contract with USPS doesn’t allow guarantee for speed of delivery. Tracking is not very reliable. Sometimes package still shows as on the way, but it is already in customs in the target country. It is recommended to contact your local customs office when looking for a package. USPS tracking number often work with your local country postal service tracking.

FedEx:  Very fast and very reliable. Offers better tracking than USPS. We offer both FedEx Priority and Economy service. Size limits: Max. length 108 inches. Length + (2 x width) + (2 x height) less than 130 inches. However, our contract with FedEx doesn’t allow guarantee for speed of delivery due to the discounts we get.
    The price of FedEx for cargos with quantity above 21 kilogram is cheaper than those of DHL and USP while the speed of delivery is the same, except in the Western Europe, Southern America, etc.
    If you use FedEx please pay attention to tracking number. FedEx will attempt to contact you regarding customs duty in your country. You either have to clear customs yourself or authorize FedEx to do it for you. You will do it with your local Fedex branch. Call them once you see your package arrived in your country. If the FedEx is not able to contact you they might keep package for 5 days and either send it back or destroy it. Due to the high cost of sending it back (usually triple of our rates) we strongly recommend that you keep track of incoming packages and communicate with FedEx.  Bigger packages might be sent through FedEx freight.

DHL: Very fast and worldwide, especially in Europe and Southeast Asia. The tracking information is updated in time. DHL quote is shown in the calculator if it is available in selected Shipito location. Customer is responsible to make sure no restricted items are being shipped. DHL list of restricted items.

TNT: TNT is available if seen on the shipping calculator in all locations. We offer two different service levels, TNT Express (2-4 business days), and TNT Economy (4-6 business days). Delivery from Tualatin, OR location may take 1-2 days longer than from California. TNT is more capable of dealing with clearing customs than DHL, UPS.
TNT Express is cheaper and fasterthan TNT Economy to most countries. This is because TNT Express rates are highly discounted, discounts for TNT Economy are not that high.TNT terms and prohibited items list. Shipito customers are responsible to find out if the items can be shipped by selected shipping method.
Please note that the delivery time and the price of different ways of delivery vary from countries to countries, areas to areas.

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