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how to protect our chest

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Many women are focus on maintenance,
However, only limited to the face.
In fact, every woman who needs a place to take good care!
Do not be hidden under the clothes chest,
Need more attentive care.
If you want to have impressive curves
Do not blindly to lose weight,
Health care was
Breast Health
 Breasts female secondary sexual characteristics,
A woman is an important region for the charismatic one.
A lot of people only care about chest
Size, but do not know the beauty of the chest or in fact, lies in its overall shape. Loose, sagging foreign expansion, is the impact of the chest
DepartmentSCurve is the most important reason. Even with very optimistic size , Is not necessarily beautiful. Pursuit of breast fullness is
Yes, but also pay attention to the real beauty lies in the coordination of proportion. For proper maintenance of the road, again has a charming curve,
Looking for a woman's self-confidence!

A girl from the age of 12 onwards, breasts begin to develop. This time the body's glands and glands and connective tissue, acinar development, breasts will gradually swell. And this phase will last until 15 to 17 years old, this time breast fat
Education basically mature. Early Breast Care should be taken to select the correct bra will develop breast hold, but should be careful not to tighten to prevent breast growth restriction, breasts too small. Can not give up bra used to make breasts sag in development, becomes sagging breasts, long and narrow shape, appearance unsightly. Also note that cleaning nipple discharge, nipple to prevent the formation of secretions irritating inflammation.
To 22 years old to 25 years old at this stage, is still regarded as the breasts are growing this time is to be noted
Do for the right choice. Included in the underwear of choice to be correct, the intake in the diet should be balanced, and so on, these are the basic maintenance of the road in the chest.
TIPS: long underwear and wearing improper nutrition balanced diet, can cause breast "dysplasia"
, Breast development is not done in the best maintenance, resulting in sagging, foreign expansion and other chest problems early appearance is not beautiful shape, it is not worth the loss.

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