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three step to make your breast more beautiful

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A good bra for a woman, it is very important! It can make your chest more Fengting help shaping the chest, but if you wear inappropriate bra, it will affect the development of the chest, the most serious of which may allow you to flatten the chest sister Oh!

First step in selecting good bra: Capacity

Pick a bra, you have to have self-knowledge, if you're big enough chest device, then do not stingy cup size, the cup out of the stuff around the Waterfront, is not pretty.

Of course, if you are not qualified to chest, then they should not think of using a bra, so that my chest bigger, you always want to lie in the chest while others rub off when the chest sunken bar.

So pick good bra size is very important.

Pick good bra Step two: Elastic

Including dimensions, as well as the shoulder strap tightness. Summer can better see the importance of elastic bra, if you are the kind of fleshy girls, the best choice for the same cup large size, trace material better, otherwise it seems, there is a feeling sleepy meat.

Pick good bra third step: up index

Choose the right size is not enough, this bra will depend on whether they have an elevated role, if you want your chest more upright, business lines, deeper longer, choose some functional bra is also possible.

Tip: Women in addition to a few pieces of good bra, good to have a sex bra, sisters understand.

Improper wearing bras cause breast sagging

Bra's role is supporting and protecting breasts, shaping women's curves. Especially the movement, wear appropriate sports bra can cause the breast to prevent jitter undulating movement, supporting the breast, preventing sagging.

Some people say, should not wear long underwear, lingerie always be right then. The answer of course is no. A good bra average life expectancy is only about six months, but for busty women, preferably at intervals of 3-4 months to replace the new bra, bra fabrics otherwise becomes inflexible and can not play to good supporting and protection. After some poor quality lingerie will become stiff after repeated washing, the fabric of aging, rough skin soft bra close to the chest, make people uncomfortable.

In addition, women's underwear is best to avoid machine washing and tumble drying, gently rubbing washing is the best way to clean bra.

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