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digital printing

Source:           Author: selinda

 Overall, the level of technology of digital printing requirements are 

relatively high, use is also convenient. With the transfer of 
innovation, it can give enterprises to achieve energy conservation, 
paperless effect. About the difference between digital printing and 
thermal transfer with the following situations.
         Digital printing system is composed of computer 
graphics processing systems, digital printing system components, 
including digital transfer printing equipment requires large format 
printers and hot processing equipment, digital equipment requires 
special jet printers and fabric fixing post-processing equipment, all 
printed fabrics need to be pre-processing and finishing. The heat 
transfer is achieved by sublimation ink and sublimation transfer paper, 
the pattern or image transfer printing or direct printing on material 
in the end, and then the heat transfer machine or fixing machine solid 
color processing, to achieve sublimation transfer printing .
        As consumers become increasingly demanding printing 
factory, printing and dyeing technology innovation technology becomes 
more urgent. I believe in this industry technology will be more mature, 
more in the clothing industry plays an important role.

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